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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Roblox

Hey there roblox fans! if you are struggling to get friends...you met one! just go to the link, http://www.roblox.com/My/Home.aspx?rbxuser=2 and i MAY answer your call...with a fee of 200 robux...just kidding!

Team Subspace (scam)

Hey you guys, the whole thing was a scam, nobody is able to join, etc...sorry for the mess up

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Subspace Team

Hey, my buddys and I have had rivalry with the team "unicorn team" the best sweddish gamers in the history of gaming...and of course they are all girls. So on kongregate you can fan me, shout at me, or send me a privite messege to join however you will not always join. Meet me at my page at my page. Keep kongregating...frag out...


Friday, October 14, 2011

COD elite rumors

Hi, its me again. you guys on this blog seem as much interested as me thinking about Elite. so i have this simple post of COD Elite. the whole concept is about the very best COD fans or players making huge team battles...and correct me if i am wrong but that is just a rumor all over the internet but hey...who knows? okay maybe those hackers and illegals but that is besid the point. i am just trying to encourage you guys to look up this stuff to become another person infected to the game. well dont be those hackers...well see you in the next time in life in a martin madhouse...keep kongregating...frag out.

                                                            ~ ~ Samuel0526

I need your help to give me as many silly, dumb, weird, serious, pics and videos

hey... to make yourself apart of my blog then send all the greatest videos you have ever watched. i don't care what kind of pic it will be or video shoot these medias have. if you do so, then you will need to post a comment on this blog after you sent the media thing or whatever you sent then i will notify it on my blog so you shall have extra credit. thanks you guys and keep kongregating frag out...

                                                                   ~ ~ Samuel0526

friend requests

to those people who are reading this blog I have something to say. if you're a person who is interested in my posts i am currently accepting friend requests. so if you are one of those trolls in a bad mood and want a friend on their kongregate account then you're welcome to this blog and whatever stuff you want to. tell me about how i can change the blog, great ideas for the updated polls...etc. so feel free to give me any shouts on my wall. keep kongregating...frag out...

                                                                               ~ ~Samuel0526

Hi to those kongregate fans

hey those trolls playing on kongregate ( i keed about the troll thing...okay i take that back) so i would like to announce that i have a kongregate account. if you will like i will post my account name on the bottom. so if you will like to you may post your mail to me on the comments section of this post. thanks and keep kongregating...frag out

                                                                                  ~ ~ Samuel0526


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi...if you like crazy stuff, then go on the website above!
 it is loaded with cool games and hillarious photos and
 video things... any ways if you like al these great things
go onto Krazythings.webs.com. I am just advertising so my friend will get a couple of views. also i lost in a bet

Monday, February 14, 2011

I can't write much so why don't you help me???

well how about you can comment me stuff and I'll put it on
my website. maybe I will...maybe I won't...I guess we'll never
know! :3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

games you might enjoy

fusionfall.com is a online world for kids where you
can chat with your friends and try to destroy fuse
in a epic battle and all the funky things you can do
on these gizmos.

addictinggames.com is where you can play for free
with multi genre games and you are able to vote
for the game of the month.

The baby brother


Hi it's me saying that you should all try
out the game Halo reach for the xbox 360
it is a four player shooter that i have tried
out and it is awesome!!! Though some
people say it is the last game in the Halo
series but no( at least I think so) there
might be a new one with a guy named

The Martin Madhouse

Everybody has an average life...but not me. One thing in this house is not normal.
I have a destructive baby brother that can give you a bloody nose, a red hand print on your forehead, etc. Now when you come over my house you might say, "Aww. how cute!" you'll find a large tag on his back when he turns around reading, " WARNING: THIS BABY MAY RIP YOUR NOSE OFF OR ALL THOSE DESRUCTIVE THINGS A BOY CAN DO. NOT FOR AGES 0+." Run as far away as you can from this house. And no, this place is not a fallout zone because a baby like him can destroy as much as a nuke